Wonder woman shirt
Wonder woman shirt

Wonder woman shirt - Feminist Shirt

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Wonder woman shirt

    • Materials of construction : 35% polyester, 60% Cotton, 5% Spandex
    • Direct digital printing for long fabric durability
    • Many sizes
    • Wash between 40 and 50 degrees
    • Soft and pleasant fabric : no discomfort on the skin
    • Will disturb toxic men
    • Perfect for empowered women
    • Blind anti-feminist
    • Supports the feminist struggle

This feminist shirt features the design of one of the most famous characters in comics. Wonder Woman is a feminist symbol of DC Comics, she became famous because she was the first superhero who was a woman. This feminist t-shirt has a strong meaning, if you want to be strong and powerful like Wonder Woman, it will help you achieve your goal.

A Brief History of Wonder Woman

This ask me questions about my feminist agenda t-shirt uses the drawing of Wonder Woman, a famous character from DC Comics. Wonder Woman was born in 1941. She is the most recognizable character as a feminist icon. Its design is inspired by the legendary Amazonia. In the 21st century, Wonder Woman has become one of the emblems of the feminist movement.


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