Women's rights are human rights shirt - Feminist T-shirt

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Women's rights are human rights shirt

    • Materials of construction : 35% polyester, 65% Cotton
    • Direct digital printing for long fabric durability
    • Many sizes
    • Wash between 40 and 50 degrees
    • Soft and pleasant fabric : no discomfort on the skin
    • Will disturb toxic men
    • Perfect for empowered women
    • Will blind anti-feminist

For a long time, women have been fighting for more rights. This feminist shirt is the emblem of this fight. As we all know, many women have been fighting since the 18th century. We can read in Jane Austen's book how was the life of a woman in the 18th century, now we have to fight to advance the rights of women in this patriarchal society.

Jane Austen

A woman of the 18th century, Jane Austen was a well-known writer. She lived in a time when there were nothing women could do without asking her husband. She is widely known for her books on women's marriage addiction. This woman was a real queen. This feminist shirt can help you do what she did: be a feminist emblem.


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