Who Run The World - Feminist Poster
Who Run The World - Feminist Poster
Who Run The World - Feminist Poster

Who Run The World - Feminist Poster

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Who Run the World poster

    • Method of construction : Digital printing
    • No frame
    • Easy to put on a wall
    • Perfect for a living room
    • Good conversation starter
    • Feminist emblem

This poster "Who Run the World" takes the design of each great lady of popular and feminist culture. As you can see, there's Wonder Woman, Marilyn Monroe, Marie Antoinette, Lara Croft, and many more women from movies, TV shows, and history. This poster is perfect for decorating a living room.

Why women run the world

As you can see from this feminist "Who Run the World" poster, behind every great thing in history, there was a woman. There are many women who have made history through actions that we still remember, even though it was thousands of years ago. For example, Cleopatra who is the perfect example of why women rule the world.


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