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Retro Feminist sticker

    • Method of construction : Digital printing
    • Size : 3.5x5.1 inch
    • Easy to stick on every support
    • Perfect for books, walls, laptop etc
    • Supports the new feminist wave
    • Retro style sticker
    • Good way to customize your stuff

This Retro Feminist sticker take the design of the old neon sign that we can still see in a few bar that want to give a vintage look to their building. This feminist sticker will bring you the motivation you need to achieve everything in your life, get a high skill job and being powerful.

Feminist symbol are important.

The feminist symbol is a way to find people like you. When you have one of this retro feminist sticker on your laptop, people like you will talk to you. Using feminist sticker on your stuff will allow you to find people to fight patriarchy with you.


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