RBG crown shirt
RBG crown shirt

RBG crown shirt - Feminist shirt

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RBG crown shirt

    • Materials of construction : 35% polyester, 65% Cotton
    • Gender : Woman
    • Color : White
    • Printing technique : Direct digital printing for long fabric durability
    • Many sizes
    • Wash between 40 and 50 degrees
    • Soft and pleasant fabric : no discomfort on the skin
    • Will disturb toxic men
    • Perfect for empowered women
    • Blind anti-feminist
    • A part of our RBG collection
    • Huge feminist symbol

This feminist t-shirt is one of our most requested designs by our entire community. Part of the RBG shirt collection, it is a must-have item in our store.

This t-shirt is based on the design of our role model, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a great figure of the feminist movement in recent years. She is represented here in a vintage style with a crown and a mention "Notorious RGB", a phrase very well known in the community

RBG, Strong and independent woman

One of the strongest and most empowered women in our modern society was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This woman is taking her life in hand and has been the queen of her life above all. This “RGB crown” shirt will help you accomplish what you want in your life to prove to everyone that you are a strong, empowered woman.


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