Please kill my ennemies pin
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Please kill my enemies - Feminist Pin

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Please kill my enemies pin

    • Materials of construction : Metal (Zinc Alloy)
    • Long-lasting paint
    • Made to be pinned of an apparel
    • Deep reliefs and shadows
    • Good conversation starter
    • Keeps away toxic men
    • Makes masculinist blind

In 2010 the third wave of feminism began. At this point in feminist history, women wanted to stop this whole patriarchal society. Today we want to present to you this feminist pin "Please kill my enemies". This pin has meaning. Many so-called “masculinists” are enemies of feminism. We don't want them in our society.

What is masculinism ?

The masculinism is the opposite of feminism. Masculinist thinks that society should remain as it really is. They believe that women have a place in the kitchen, looking after the children and doing low-skilled jobs. This Please kill my enemies feminist pin is about those kinds of people.


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