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I don't care club - Feminist pin

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I don't care club pin 

    • Materials of construction : Metal (Zinc Alloy)
    • Long-lasting paint
    • Made to be pinned of an apparel
    • Deep reliefs and shadows
    • Keeps toxic men away
    • Support the new feminist wave

I don't care might be a rude expression, but it's kind of a cry against patriarchy. For a long time, women were prisoners of the good mane imposed by the patriarchy. The “I don't care about the club” pin is a call to all women who need to be empowered.

Women need to be empowered

In recent years, many women have been empowered. These women are successful role models for every other woman in the world. All Empowered Women Said 'No' to Patriarchy, this I don't care club pin is an emblem for many women who want to be empowered but don't know how.


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