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Grow a Pair sticker

    • Method of construction : Digital printing
    • Size : 5.1x5.1 inch
    • Easy to stick on every support
    • Perfect for books, walls, laptop etc
    • Symbol of feminism
    • Makes masculinist blind

This feminist sticker is called "Grow a Pair". It is a reference to the famous expression "You have no balls" often uttered by these gentlemen who talk to their friends. We took that expression to do a remake with a feminist version of it. On this sticker you can see a uterus, a famous feminist symbol.

The meaning of the womb

Since the 19th century, women have been fighting against the patriarchy for rights. We must remember that all this with the uterus. The world needs women to move forward. “The womb” is a feminist symbol because it is the starting point of humanity.


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