Girls rule poster
Girls rule poster
Girls rule poster

Girl Rule - Feminist Poster

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Girls rule poster

    • Method of construction : Digital printing
    • No frame
    • Easy to put on a wall
    • Perfect for a living room
    • Minimalist feminist poster
    • Good conversation starter

This feminist poster has a very simple design to decorate your home. Girl's Rule is the perfect feminist slogan you can come up with. In history, many women have followed the rules of society. For example, Marie-Antoinette, queen of France, Cleopatra, sovereign of the Egyptian empire. This feminist poster will give you the power you need.

Women made history

In history, many women have made history. From the beginning of society, women like Cleopatra ruled the world in their time. More recently, women like Jane Austen, Rosa Park of the Suffragette Group have done a lot for feminists around the world.


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