Girl power patch
Girl power patch
Girl power patch

Girl Power - Feminist Patch

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Girl Power Patch

    • Materials of construction : Polyester
    • Size : 2.5 inch * 2.5 inch
    • Easy to lay
    • Soft and pleasant fabric : no discomfort on the skin
    • Strong feminist symbol
    • Will disturb anti-feminist
    • good conversation starter

This "Girl Power" patch is more than a patch to cover a hole on a garment, it will cover the sickness that's in your heart because of patriarchy. Girl power is an expression popularized in the 90s by the group Spice Girls. This slogan has a strong meaning for every feminist. This means that women can be empowered and stronger than all men realize.

The story behind "Girl power"

Girl power was a slogan created by the famous punk band "Bikini Kill" in 1991. It's the name of one of their zine. In the mid-90s, the popular group "Spice Girls" used this expression to empower all women in the world through their song which was very popular at the moment.

How to place a patch

  • 1) Take a look at the stripe on your jeans or jacket. You must cut each piece of unusable fabric.
  • 2) Preheat your iron and place a piece of fabric behind the hole in the garment you want to fix (this will prevent the patch from sticking to the bottom of the jeans)
  • 3) Place the patch where you want it to be
  • 4) Iron the patch for 30-40 seconds
  • 5) Remove the piece of fabric that you place behind the hole that is now behind the patch


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