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Feminist Venus symbol - Feminist Necklace

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Feminist Venus Necklace

    • Materials of construction : Metal (Zinc Alloy)
    • Length : 11 inches
    • Comfortable, no form of discomfort on the skin
    • Elegant jewelry
    • Will make anti-feminist blind
    • Most known feminist symbol

The symbol of Venus is one of the most famous symbols in the world. It is the "feminine" logo. This symbol is one of the most used in the feminist movement. It's on a t-shirt, a hoodie, a sign, and now it's on a feminist collar. This necklace will help you to assume your femininity in your daily life.

Be strong and empowered.

This Venus symbol necklace will help you fight patriarchy and toxic men. To do all of this you need to be strong and empowered. As we know, empowered women motivate other women to be stronger and empowered. Many women like RBG have helped many women become empowered and strong. This feminist necklace will help to be empowered and empower other women like you.


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