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Fearless poster
Fearless poster

Fearless - Feminist Poster

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Fearless Girl Poster

    • Method of construction : Digital printing
    • No frame
    • Easy to put on a wall
    • Perfect for a living room
    • The best way to motivate yourself to fight patriarchy
    • Supports the new feminist wave

"Fearless". That's the name of this feminist poster. This poster is a famous photo of the little girl facing the bull on Wall Street Avenue for International Women's Day a few years ago. This statue has a strong meaning: don't give up and fear the next obstacle you will see.

Why is this feminist poster so important ?

To move forward in your life you need motivation, this feminist poster will help you get that motivation that so necessary to overcome all obstacles to achieve what you want in your life. Being a strong and empowered woman is very important in our society.


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