Equality feminist necklace

Equality - Feminist Necklace

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Equality Necklace

    • Materials of construction : Metal (Zinc Alloy)
    • Length : 11 inches
    • Comfortable, no form of discomfort on the skin
    • Elegant jewelry
    • Will disturb anti-feminist
    • Support the fight for equality
    • Helps to move forward the society

Equality between men and women is the main goal of the feminist movement. This feminist necklace "Equality" has been the emblem of this fight for a long time. Equality between men and women is essential for the proper functioning of society.

Salary equity between men and women

In 1963 in the United States, many women took to the streets to demonstrate. At that time, women earned 2/3 of a man's salary at the same job. This feminist "Equality" necklace will help you achieve that equality we all want.


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