Empowered women empower women
Empowered women empower women pin

Empowered women Empower women | Feminist pin

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Empowered women empower women pin

    • Materials of construction : Metal (Zinc Alloy)
    • Long-lasting paint
    • Made to be pinned of an apparel
    • Deep reliefs and shadows
    • Move the society forward
    • Supports the feminist cause

This pin where it says “Empowered Women, Empower Women” has a strong meaning. In recent decades, many women have started to obtain high-level employment and highly qualified positions. These women are role models for all of us, and the younger generation should follow suit.

How did women get high skills jobs

In 1963 in the USA, a decree was signed, this decree was signed by JF Kennedy. At this point in history, the boss of companies may be paying less for women than for men. This decree changed a lot of things. The pay between men and women in the same job started to be exactly the same and women could possibly be empowered. This feminist Empowered women empower women pin encourage women to do the exact same thing, glow up in the society.


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