Dead men don&
Dead men don&

Dead men don't catcall - Feminist Pin

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Dead men don't catcall

    • Materials of construction : Metal (Zinc Alloy)
    • Long-lasting paint
    • Made to be pinned of an apparel
    • Deep reliefs and shadows
    • Will trigger anti-feminist
    • Perfect pin against toxic men

It is very common for a woman to be whistled on the street, but it is a real problem. Many men are rude to women and think women are toys. This "Dead Men Don't catcall" feminist pin is a symbol of this real problem. Chat calls are not a flirtatious technique, it's just vulgar.

The catcall problem

For a long time now, many men have been rude and vulgar with women. In our shop we had a t-shirt on whistles, but we wanted to display this pin dead men don't catcall because we definitely think it's a real problem in today's society.


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