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Cuterus - Feminist Pin

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    • Materials of construction : Metal (Zinc Alloy)
    • Long-lasting paint
    • Made to be pinned of an apparel
    • Deep reliefs and shadows
    • The cutest way to fight patriarchy

This feminist pin is called "Cuterus", it is a symbol of the third feminist wave. During this wave, women around the world are demonstrating for their rights and against patriarchy. This feminist pin is a symbol of emancipation. For several years now, the uterus has been the symbol of the empowered woman.

The empowered and strong women

This Cuterus pin shows how many women are empowered now. For a few years now, the womb has been a symbol of feminism. We have seen in many big cities like Paris, a feminist monument, a feminist demonstration and many other things.


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