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To join the wave, it's very simple. Just click on the button at the top of this page and give us your email address.

When you join the wave, you will find women like you, women who seek above all to become strong and independent.

When you join, you will receive a code to get a free feminist sticker directly in your mailbox.

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Use your social networks and your network of friends to grow this new feminist wave.

By doing so, you allow your friends to get our feminist products with discounts while participating in the destruction of the patriarchy.

If you help us to spread this new wave, we will put you in front of our social networks like Pinterest or Instagram counting several thousands of visits per month, you will be able to become popular among the feminist community and become the new emblem of the feminist.

Earn money

To help us fight the oppressive patriarchal society, we will pay you according to your actions. The more you help us to advance the new feminist wave, the more we will promote you, so you can become financially independent of this oppressive society.

Just like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you will become an emblem of modern feminism fighting for the advancement of women's rights and human rights.

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