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      9 products

      Feminist Poster

      If you want to decorate your home, posters are probably the easiest way to do it. Posters are the logical continuation of paintings, but they are less expensive than painting, and they are also durable over time.

      If you want to use a feminist poster to decorate your home, this is a good idea. Having a home that looks like you is very important for your daily comfort. When you wake up in a home you love, you start a great day.

      Vintage feminist posters

      One of the most famous feminist symbols is the pin-up. Many vintage feminist posters use the design of the pin-up model. At the start of the 20th century, pin-up images were considered taboo because of the “sexy and glamorous” aspect of these images. Pin-ups were popularized in the mid-twentieth century.

      Pin up supported the first feminist wave of the 19th century. Having a vintage feminist poster in your home with a pin is a huge symbol of feminism.

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