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      14 products

      Feminist pins

      The pin has always been a method of showing your disagreement. It works the same with the cause of feminism. Feminist pins are a way to show your disagreement with current society, current patriarchy, and the status of women in society. Wearing feminist pins is a cry of appeal.

      Our feminist pins can help you fight patriarchy.

      History behind pins

      The oldest pins we have found at an archaeological site dating from the Paleolithic. The first pins were made of bones and thorns. We have found more recent pins at an archaeological site dating from Neolithic, Celtic and ancient Roman sites. In these places, pins were made of wood. A few pins found in Asia, Europe and North Africa were made of metal during the Bronze Age.

      As you understand, pins are very old. During the 20th and 21st centuries we started making aesthetic pins and pins started to be a fashion tool. Today, pins are one of the best ways to show your disagreement and voice your opinion without speaking.

      At Feminist Wave, we believe that the brooch has a rich history and that we should put it forward.

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