Feminist Patches

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      2 products

      Why you should choose a feminist patch

      The feminist struggle is something we all know. For over 200 years now, women have been fighting for more and more rights. At the beginning of the 19th century, women could do nothing without their husbands. In the twentieth century, women could finally own a bank account, have a job, be empowered and independent. Now, equality of men and women is something that everyone thinks is normal, but it is still not in the rules of society.

      If you choose a feminist patch, you are fighting for women's rights, to protest patriarchy and this stupid system where a lot of women in the world can't even do anything without their husbands' consent. To win this fight against patriarchy, we have to be a group. Wearing feminist badges will help you find this group, when someone sees you with a feminist badge, that person will understand who you are and will come to you to be your friend if they think the same.

      Why do we need to be a group

      As the famous saying goes "United we stand". This means that there is not much you can do on your own, but if you group together with other people you can lift mountains.

      As we all know, in the history of feminism there are a lot of feminist groups that have rocked society. We can talk about the Suffragette who demonstrate against the patriarchy to allow women around the world to have the right to vote. Suffragette demonstrated in the UK in 1903, a few years later many women in many countries could vote as men have since the beginning of society.

      Our feminist patches will help you find this group to change the world.

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