Feminist Necklace

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      9 products

      Why should you wear a feminist necklace

      The art of jewelry has been created since the first civilization. As we know, in the days of Ancient Egypt, a lot of people wore jewelry. One of the first pieces of jewelry created was the necklace. We found a lot of necklaces on the Pharaoh's mummy. Over the years, we have started to make the necklace more complex by adding precious stones, intricate shapes, chains, etc.

      In this page you will find a feminist necklace. These necklaces are a symbol of feminist struggle with pendants like the symbol of Venus, or the female body. The necklace is a great way to find people like you, people who think like you. There are many possibilities that the people you just met want to be your friend to fight patriarchy with you.

      The Feminist Movement

      The feminist movement began in the 19th century. Around this time, women started asking for rights. You should know that at that time, women could not even have a bank account. During the 20th century, a huge group called "La Suffragette" rocked society. It all started with numerous demonstrations in the street of London in 1903, the motivation behind these demonstrations was to give women the right to vote. In 1920, the American government granted the right to vote to women.

      At Feminist Wave, we try to help feminists in the fight against patriarchy with our feminist necklaces.