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      Feminist coffee mug

      For many people, coffee is close to a religion. In our modern society, many brands have popularized coffee. Originally, coffee was reserved for the upper social classes of society. It was democratized during the 19th century when everyone was finally able to taste this drink so appreciated by the rich for more than 200 years.

      During the 20th century, the way of consuming coffee has changed for everyone. The cost of coffee was so low that the French government (the biggest coffee producer at the moment) burned a lot of coffee crates to avoid the coffee crisis of the century.

      At the end of the 20th century people wanted to own their own coffee machine, around that time we saw the first coffee machine for everyone. In the 21st century, we started asking for better quality coffee, for different coffees at home, that's why we now own Nespresso and other coffee machines.

      To drink a tasty coffee, you need a mug, which is why at Feminist Wave, we want to present our range of feminist mugs to you.

      Why should you use a feminist mug

      The mug is a way to remind yourself why you wake up every day. Using a feminist mug will make your day better, you will know why you wake up every day to fight patriarchy and provide better lives for women in the future. Our feminist mug is a piece from the future that we are building together as the fourth wave of feminism.

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