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      22 products

      Feminist Bracelet

      Throughout history, jewelry has been a huge marker of wealth. Today, jewelry can be purchased by anyone. A lot of jewelry has a strong meaning. One of the earliest types of jewelry known to mankind is the bracelet. During Egyptian antiquity, bracelets were the most common jewelry. Today we use the bracelet to educate people about many causes.

      At Feminist Wave, we want to let people know about the feminist struggle, which is why we have a lot of different feminist bracelets. Our bracelets were used to educate people about feminism, the situation of women around the world, etc.

      Feminist Necklace

      The feminist necklace is one of the best ways to build a real sisterhood between women. The necklace is easier to wear than the bracelet, is more discreet than the rings and can be a real fashion asset. Like the bracelet, necklaces have been in the culture of the world for a very long time. We knew from a lot of research that women in Ancient Egypt wore a necklace to show their belief and social status.

      The necklace can be a good way to pass information through age, to fight for causes like feminism and many other things. At Feminist Wave, we believe the feminist necklace is an important part of feminist culture.

      Feminist pins

      As we've seen in the past, pins are an effective way to show your disagreement. Many members of the protest show him with pins on their jackets, on flags, on signs and the like. Feminist demonstrations do not fault this. If you pay attention to the protester's jacket, you may see feminist pins like "Ask me about my feminist agenda," a pin up feminist pin, or a feminist flag pin.

      Pins are so popular in the feminist community because it is an easy way to convey information about the real bad situation of women in patriarchal society. Pins are good-looking, easy to wear, can be trendy, and are probably one of the best ways to give your opinion on something without saying it.

      All of these reasons are the "Why" for our idea of ​​offering so many feminist pins.

      👉 To go further, we advise you to take a look at our feminist pins collection.