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      69 products

      Feminist Baby Clothes

      Because it's important, at Feminist Wave we believe that teaching babies about gender equity is the first step towards our new feminist society. Many scientific studies have been done on babies to see the difference between babies who have been educated about gender equity. Babies who grow up to boys who have been gender-sensitized grow better, with a better understanding of why women actually struggle against patriarchy.

      Actual babies are the next generation of feminist, we need them to join the new Feminist Wave to be stronger.

      Feminist Clothing Brands

      In recent years, many major brands have released a range of feminist clothing. For example, Dior now sells feminist t-shirts that we all know. There are a lot of brands that sell feminist clothing, not just t-shirts. Some brands sell clothes to help the feminist cause through donations.

      We are in 2021 and the new feminist wave is getting stronger than ever, feminist clothing is a way to show belonging to the new feminist society. There are many feminist clothing brands that will help you in your daily fight against patriarchy. If you are in this fight, join the new feminist wave.

      Feminist Workout Clothes

      Going to the gym is a new big trend for women in society but, the gym is a very masculine place, it can be scary for a lot of women because men can be tough when they are together. Don't worry, we've figured that out with a line of feminist workout clothes. These clothes will help you when you go to the gym to build real brotherhood in the gym, when a man is too invasive, you will get help from your gym sister.

      👉 To go further, we advise you to take a look at our feminist t-shirt collection.