Welcome to Feminist Wave. Alone we can't do much, but together we can make herstory and become the next great feminist symbol.

Feminist Wave is where you can fight patriarchy without being blamed by an oppressor. If you agree that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, you should join the wave.

On this site you can find women's clothes, shirt, hoodie, stickers and many other tools to fight against patriarchy. At Feminist Wave we believe we can change the whole world without a fight, we believe in the power of words and demos.

Let's change the world together.

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Why should you wear feminist shirt ?

Because we all wear t-shirt. T-shirt is the most common apparel that you can see while go shopping. T-shirt is one of the easiest way to protest against patriarchy. The simplest quotes like "Women are stronger than you think" can transform into real true strength that can be used to fight against actual society rules. T-shirts are an important point in the fight against patriarchy. Wearing a feminist t-shirt links you with women like you, women who care about gender equity and basics laws that still aren't applies to women.


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The sweatshirt is one of the most popular habits. In recent years, sweatshirts have been a way to send a message through the fabric. Thanks to the sweatshirt, quotes like “Girl power” or “We need a basic human right” can be spread more easily, without saying anything. The sweatshirt helps feminism fight today's society without saying anything. If two women wear the same sweatshirt, it means they have the same opinion.

Feminist sweatshirts are an important point in the fight against patriarchy. Wearing a feminist sweatshirt links you to women like you, women who care about gender equity in society.

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Why should you wear a feminist pin?

The pin has always been a method of showing your disagreement. It works the same with the cause of feminism. Feminist pins are a way to show your disagreement with current society, current patriarchy, and the status of women in society. Wearing feminist pins is a cry of appeal.

Our feminist pins will help you fight patriarchy.
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The art of jewelry has been created since the first civilization. As we know, in the days of Ancient Egypt, a lot of people wore jewelry. One of the first pieces of jewelry created was the necklace. We found a lot of necklaces on the Pharaoh's mummy. Over the years, we have started to make the necklace more complex by adding precious stones, intricate shapes, chains, etc.

In this page you will find a feminist necklace. These necklaces are a symbol of feminist struggle with pendants like the symbol of Venus, or the female body. The necklace is a great way to find people like you, people who think like you. There are many possibilities that the people you just met want to be your friend to fight patriarchy with you.
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If you want to decorate your home, posters are probably the easiest way to do it. Posters are the logical continuation of paintings, but they are less expensive than painting, and they are also durable over time.

If you want to use a feminist poster to decorate your home, this is a good idea. Having a home that looks like you is very important for your daily comfort. When you wake up in a home you love, you start a great day.